Hip Impingement

Hip impingement and early hip osteoarthritis

Why do some people develop early hip arthritis?

The shape of the ball and socket joint of the hip may matter. Certain shapes of hip (such as the picture above, see arrow to hip) can cause the ball of the hip to rub excessively/”impinge” against the rim of the socket where the soft cartilage (“hip labrum”) may eventually shear off, removing the protection to the hard cartilage afforded by the labrum

This in turn leads to wearing and thinning of the hard cartilage leading to early hip arthritis.

There is increasing clinical research evidence these anatomical abnormalities around the hip can predispose individuals to groin/hip symptoms and to the development of early hip arthritis. This clinical entity is known as “hip impingement.”

My role as a Hip Surgeon is to fully define any such anatomical variants in the shape of your hip and assess whether or not certain non-operative and operative treatment (such as Hip Arthroscopy/ “key hole surgery” of the hip) may help with reducing your symptoms and possibly slowing progression of hip arthritis.

What is hip impingement?

Femoroacetabulum Impingement

Hip Anatomy

Labral Tears of the Hip

What is the Cause of Hip and Groin Pain?

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