You may call 0161 246 3795 or e mail: manchesterhipandknee@gmail.com for more information.


Does Mr Kim see NHS patients?

Mr Kim/the clinic does not see NHS patients.

How quickly can I be seen as a patient?

You can typically be seen within 1 week. The options are a face to face consultation (preferred by most) or remote consultation via zoom (as many patients live quite a distance away, and prefer initial assessment/consultation by phone) or over the telephone.

What are the services offered by Mr Kim or Manchester Hip and Knee Clinic?

Mr Kim and his team/the clinic offers assessment of patient with hip and knee pain. Mr Kim will assess you in clinic by taking a history of your complaint, examining you and if required arrange X-rays the same day, assess you again and may recommend scans if appropriate. These scans include MRI scan (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) or CT scan of the affected joint. He will then be able to make a diagnosis, suggest treatment options, which include non-operative treatment such as specific exercises, physiotherapy treatment, various medications, injections, or surgery.

The main surgical operations performed by Mr Kim and his team are robot assisted hip replacement, robot assisted total knee replacements, and robot assisted partial knee replacements. He also performs knee and hip injections, and keyhole surgery (arthroscopy) of the knee.

Does Mr Kim or the clinic offer blood injections/platelet rich plasma injections for knee arthritis?

Mr Kim has a Clinic every week (Friday PM) for platelet rich plasma/blood injections for appropriate patients.

When is the next clinic appointment?

Appointments are usually
Monday evening (6 pm to 8pm)
Tuesday (8 am to 2 pm – Alexandra Hospital , 3 pm to 730pm – Spire Manchester)
Wednesday evening (6 pm to 8 pm, Alexandra Hospital)
Thursdays (2pm to 8 pm – Circle Alexandra Hospital)
Fridays (8am to 2pm – Spire Manchester, 3 pm to 8 pm – Circle Alexandra Hospital

Remote consultations are within the clinic times above

You can make an appointment by calling: 0161 2463795 or make an online appointment via manchesterhipandknee.com (Click on top right- online appointments)

How long is a typical consultation?

A typical new patient consultation takes approximately 30-45 minutes. You will not be charged if you take longer than the typical time of 30-45 minutes for a new patient consultation.

I live far away from Manchester, is Mr Kim able to assess patients outside the Greater Manchester region? What provisions does he have for patients to be assessed who live far away from Manchester?

Mr Kim routinely assesses and treats patients from outside the Greater Manchester region. Initial assessment is often performed via remote video consultation (Zoom) if appropriate. Investigations such as X-ray can be arranged at a hospital close to home and Mr Kim will be able to follow you up and advise treatment options. If surgery is required, Mr Kim routinely treats patients from outside Manchester areas such as patients from the Isle Of Man, Lake District, Wales, Peak District, Pennines, North of England, London, as well as treating patients from as far away as Barbados, Bahrain, Singapore, Pakistan, India, Canada, Saudi Arabia, USA to name a few. We will endeavour to make attending for surgery as easy as possible and work around your travel dates as much as Mr Kim/the hospital can.


What is the waiting time for a joint replacement?

The waiting time from being assessed by Mr Kim and his team to having surgery can be within 2 to 3 weeks but can be tailored according to your requirements. Mr Kim has 3 operating days a week at Circle Alexandra hospital and Spire Manchester hospital and performs approximately 300 robot-arm assisted hip and knee replacements a year ( e.g. more than 600 MAKO robot-assisted hips and knees performed in 2022 and 2023)

How many joint replacements does Mr Kim perform?

Mr Kim has performed more than 1000 robot assisted joint replacements (approximately equal split of robot assisted hip and knee replacements). Research has shown that the number of joint replacements performed by your surgeon is important in determining the outcome of the joint replacement (either hip or knee replacement). You can see his outcomes at manchesterhipandknee.com (clinical outcomes)- there is a link to the National Joint Registry and PHIN Data.


What is the cost of the initial consultation?

The cost of the initial consultation is £270. The initial consultation does not include X-rays. If X-rays are required, this can be performed in the hospital. The cost of an X-ray varies depending on how many X-rays/views are required but is in the region of £150.

What is the cost of a robot assisted hip replacement?

The cost of a hip replacement varies according to the individual patient depending on underlying medical conditions but it is an all-inclusive fee that will be quoted to you before surgery. It is typically in the range of £18,000 (2024 prices), includes all hospital fees surgical anaesthetic, physiotherapy fees and follow-up. The exact price will be confirmed after clinic assessment.

What is the cost of a robot assisted total knee replacement?

The cost of a robot assisted knee replacement varies according to the individual patient, depending on individual underlying medical conditions but it is typically in the range of £18,000 (exact price will be confirmed after clinical assessment). This is an all-inclusive fee, includes all hospital fees surgical anaesthetic, physiotherapy fees and follow-up.

What is the cost of partial knee replacement?

The self-pay cost of partial knee replacement is between £15,700 - £16,100. This is an all-inclusive price but confirmation of the full self-pay costs will be confirmed after you are assessed by Mr Kim and his team. The self-pay costs include surgical, anaesthetic, hospital, physiotherapy fees and follow up for 1 year post surgery.

Is there additional costs apart from the self-pay fee for a hip or knee replacement?

There are no hidden costs. Specifically, there are no extra costs such as VAT for patients who are given a formal self-pay quote for surgery. A written quote or contract can be provided to patients for reassurance. A self-pay quote involves all aspects of surgery, physiotherapy and all follow ups by Mr Kim for the first year after the operation. Any complications (God forbid) will be included in the self-pay quote if they arise within a month of the operation (please refer to hospital terms and conditions to confirm this).


Does Mr Kim perform minimally invasive surgery?

Mr Kim performs minimally invasive surgery in appropriate patients. The most common minimally invasive surgery he performs are partial knee replacements in appropriate patients.

Does the clinic/Mr Kim perform or offer hip replacement performed through the anterior approach?

Mr Kim and the Clinic has performed variations of anterior and mainly posterior approach in the past. He will discuss your individual case with you and if appropriate, advice accordingly. As a routine, he performs the posterior approach for his robot assisted hip replacements.

Does Mr Kim offer simultaneous knee or hip replacements?

Yes he does and has performed simultaneous hip and knee replacements in patients if appropriate with excellent outcomes


Do the hospitals that Mr Kim operates in have intensive care/high dependency units?

Mr Kim works in Circle Alexandra Hospital and Spire Manchester Hospital, both of which have intensive care units and high dependency units for patients who need them.

How long is the inpatient stay for a hip replacement?

Inpatient stay for a hip replacement is between 2 and 4 days but patients are only discharged once the nursing staff, occupational therapists, physiotherapists, patient, family, and surgeon are all happy for you to be discharged.

Is Mr Kim able to perform knee or hip replacement on patients with kidney transplant?

Depending on the individual patient, Mr Kim is able to offer total hip or total knee replacement on patients who have had previous kidney transplantation, although Mr Kim and his team will need to assess you to confirm that this is appropriate for you as an individual patient.

Is Mr Kim or the clinic able to offer hip or knee replacement on patients who have a pacemaker?

Having a pacemaker is not usually a contraindication, meaning that Mr Kim routinely offers and has performed hip or knee replacements on patients who have a pacemaker.

Is there an age limit for hip or knee replacement to be performed by Mr Kim/the clinic?

There is not age limit provided you are healthy/fit enough for surgery. This would be formally assessed in the pre-op assessment clinic. If you have severe enough symptoms to warrant hip or knee replacement, age is not usually the limiting factor, As an example, Mr Kim routinely performs hip and knee replacements on patients in their 70s, 80’s and some 90 year old patients.


How do I prepare for hip or knee replacement surgery?

If in doubt, be in touch with Mr Kim via his office or with the hospital directly. The usual process is pre-op assessment, CT scan if undergoing robot assisted hip or knee surgery. Washes will be provided e.g. body washes before surgery if needed. Patients are advised to stop blood thinners before the day of surgery, the precise number of days will be confirmed with Mr Kim and pre-op assessment, e.g. Clopidogrel is stopped a week before surgery and substituted with Aspirin, but please check your individual case with Mr Kim and the pre-operative team. Patients arrive on the day of surgery and will be seen by Mr Kim and his anaesthetist.

Fasting instructions before surgery

Please ensure that you follow fasting instructions; typically fasting from midnight for any morning admission. If you were to be admitted later in the day, you will be given specific instructions of when to fast from but it would typically be a light breakfast by 7: 00 am and sips of water until 11am if your admission time is 11 am or later.

When do you come in for surgery?

Patients attend on the day of surgery but before surgery patients would have pre-op assessment, CT scan, X-rays and telephone calls to ensure that they are happy with the whole process of preparing for surgery. If you are in doubt or if the above are not done in a timely manner e.g. 10 days to 2 weeks before surgery, please call the office.

What is the recovery time following robot assisted hip replacement?

Typically, you are in hospital for 2-4 nights, you will be in crutches for between 2-8 weeks, you are able to drive after 4-6 weeks as long as the patient is able to do an emergency stop safely. Time off work varies according to your profession and the typical range is anything from 4 to 14 weeks off work after hip replacement. Patients are often significantly better within 2-3 months of the operation and full recovery may take 6-12 months depending on how the patients are before the operation.

What is the recovery time following robot assisted knee replacement?

Typical length of stay after robot assisted knee replacement is 2-4 nights in hospital, crutches for 2-8 weeks, return to driving between 4-6 weeks assuming the patient is able to do an emergency stop safely. Time off work varies according to your profession and the typical range is between 4 to 14 weeks. Patients are typically significantly better after around 3 months, but you must do as you are instructed in relation to icing the knee regularly (yes, 6 to 8 times a day in the first 3-4 weeks), taking your medications, regular stretches, and physiotherapy treatment. Full recovery may take 6-12 months depending on how you are prior to knee replacement.

Am I able to travel or fly short-haul after knee or hip replacement?

You are able to fly short-haul (defined as less than 6 hours of flight time) within 6 weeks of operation. The recommendation is 12 weeks after your operation for long-haul flights (more than 6 hours of flight time).


Does Mr Kim or the clinic offer anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) operations?

Mr Kim does not perform any anterior cruciate ligament operations any longer to focus on robot-assisted hip and knee replacements but he and his team will be happy to refer you to specialist colleagues if requested.

Does Mr Kim offer hip keyhole surgery (hip arthroscopy)?

Mr Kim does not offer hip keyhole surgery (hip arthroscopy) but will be able to recommend you to colleagues if requested.

Does Mr Kim/the clinic offer stem cell treatment for hip or knee conditions?

Mr Kim does not offer stem cell injections for hip or knee conditions but there are alternatives to stem cell injections, such as a combination of platelet rich plasma (blood injections) combined with a lubricant (hyaluronic acid) injections, that he routinely injections into patients with mild to moderate knee arthritis.

What other injections are on offer for patients with knee arthritis by Mr Kim/the clinic?

Typical patients with knee arthritis are offered platelet rich plasma injections or a combination of platelet rich plasma and hyaluronic acid injections. Mr Kim also offers steroid injections. There is also the option of Arthrosamid but this requires careful evaluation and advice regarding risks/benefits of Arthrosamid, which is a relatively novel/new injection for treatment of patients with knee arthritis.

Does Mr Kim or clinic treat patients with tendonitis or bursitis?

Mr Kim is able to assess patients with tendonitis/bursitis. These patients typically would not require surgery and it may be an idea to see a physiotherapist first before attending to see Mr Kim but Mr Kim is happy to assess you if you wish to determine whether or not there are any associated conditions such as knee or hip arthritis that often coexist with tendonitis/bursitis.

Does Mr Kim/the clinic offer hip resurfacing or metal on metal hip replacements?

Mr Kim/the clinic does not offer metal on metal hip replacements or hip resurfacing.

Does Mr Kim/the clinic offer minimally invasive hip surgery such as anterior approach to the hip?

Mr Kim is familiar with and has performed variations of anterior and posterior approaches to the hip. His routine practice is posterior approach to the hip but he would be able to discuss with you the advantages and disadvantages of anterior and posterior approach for hip replacement.

Mr Kim offers minimally invasive knee surgery (typically partial knee replacement) performed robot assisted for patients if appropriate. You would be assessed in clinic to discuss whether or not this is appropriate for you and discussion of risks/benefits of the operation

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