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Be treated by a pioneer in robot assisted joint replacements. Mr Kim has performed the largest number of robot-arm assisted hip, knee and partial knee replacements in the United Kingdom (Year-end 2022, more than 300 cases, MAKO/ Stryker UK data). He has performed more than 1000 Robotic-assisted joint replacements in total (Robot-assisted hip, knee and partial knee replacements, Nov 2023 data). Experienced (more than 3000 hip and knee replacements performed in total – conventional and robot-assisted), pioneering, award winning surgeon and multidisciplinary team.

Dr Winston Kim

Mr. Winston KimMBCHB, MSC, FRCS(TR & ORTH)

Mr. Winston Kim is a pioneering orthopaedic surgeon specialising in hip and knee surgery. He consults at the Spire Manchester Hospital and BMI The Alexandra Hospital, Greater Manchester, where he regularly treats hip and knee conditions such as early arthritis, sports injuries, (e.g. ACL tears, hip labral tears or cartilage defects) and the after effects of sports injuries.

  • Robotic Assisted Hip Replacement

    In robotic assisted hip replacement surgery, your surgeon could very precisely (to fractions of a millimetre) implant a hip that is tailored to your anatomy, your hip size and alignment. The outcomes following robotic assisted partial hip replacement are promising, with patients happy that the technical approach to surgery is extremely accurate, so that they are left with just having to concentrate on the rehabilitation required after hip replacement.

    Robotic Assisted Hip Replacement
What Our Patients Say
  • I was diagnosed by Mr Kim in 2014, as having osteoarthritis in my right hip. I was told this was not uncommon as i had been playing football all my life,some of it professionally. Mr Kim was friendly, patient, very professional and explained every aspect of the condition, procedures, choices and possible results of any decisions made

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  • I cannot praise Mr. Kim enough. From my first consultation, where everything was discussed, through to my hip replacement operation to post surgery I found Mr Kim to be a very likeable and professional surgeon and gentleman

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  • After a long time of pain and discomfort, I decided to contact Mr Kim for his advice about a hip replacement. The whole process from the first appointment to leaving the hospital the whole process was seemless and within a few weeks I was feeling much better with no pain

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