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If you’re looking for a reputable and highly-experienced private Consultant Hip and Knee Surgeon, the solution is just a short trip away.

Be treated by Mr Kim, who performed the largest number of MAKO-robot assisted Hip and Knee replacements in the UK (Year end 2022, > 300 cases, all private patients). He has performed more than 900 robot-assisted hip, knee and partial knee replacements. This technology is what many consider to be leading-edge technology in Hip and Knee replacement Surgery.

The Clinic specialises in Robot-arm Assisted hip and knee replacements. This leading-edge enabling technology allows for better and precise planning before surgery, a customised surgical plan for the individual patient and the ability to very precisely and accurately reconstruct that surgical plan to fractions of millimetres. This means potentially quicker recovery, less pain, less risk of complications and a more naturally feeling joint that lasts longer, after you recover from surgery. For more information, please go to:

Winston Kim, FRCS, leads a team dedicated to providing an outstanding personalised level of high-quality care, advice and treatment.

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